Mihriban Aviral Plays Latin Jazz

"Mihriban Aviral Plays Latin Jazz"

With Nestor Torres - 2014 - 2016

"Canjazzım Türküler"

2014 - 2016

Canjazzım Türküler
Her Dem

"Her Dem"

With Burçin Büke - 2018

"Flute Classics Meet Jazz"


Flute Classics Meet Jazz

"A FIRST" The meeting of our folk songs with a perfect Latin Jazz interpretation

In this single, the artist presents the most beautiful examples of intercultural communication. In this CD, the artist has raised the quality of her music far above the versions of folk songs that have been arranged or performed so far, and has pushed the boundaries in terms of the important playing technique difficulties in its content and taken it to levels that are difficult to overcome. This is the reason for the insatiable taste of the folk songs on this single...